Raspberry Macaroons


Get to know us :)

Founded 2020, self- taught.  Two filipino young women who are inexperience in baking take on the challenge to learn to bake one of the most incredibly sensitive dessert, macarons. With every failed batch of macarons, we learn to adapt and become more patience. With all the frustrations and failures and some tears, we become more driven, and passionate in baking. We use our failure as a lesson in order to provide a delicious baked goods.

Our value: 

We believe in the value of homemade, crafted, quality baked goods. We hope to provide a product that our customers will enjoy as much as we enjoy baking them. 

At the same time,  we value to provide a great service and a connection with our customers.

Will always be thankful:

We will never be successful without all the supports of our customers and the feedback we received. We appreciate your support and trusting our business.